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It’s been like a month since I talked to my ex and I’m finally over that my life was so much better without you stage and honestly it’s neither better or worse for the most part everything is the same other than the things I made change, but I still find myself wanting to talk to her, not to try and get her back or anything like that. what’s done is done and you can just go back, but still I miss hanging out with her and just her as a person even when I said I hated who that person was. And I want to txt her to say hello or hi or something non committal that let her reply when and if she wanted to just to see how things are going in her life but I won’t and I know for a fact that she won’t either and we won’t talk and well never speak two words to each other and this is how it’s going to be

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Brand new

New music
New Shows
New tattoo 
New school 
New perspective 

at first I was really scared about what was going to happen next, i had just let go of the girl i thought I could marry so she could have what she wanted even if it meant i was going to be homeless for a while which was an experience in itself but it turned out to be what i needed to a shot to the ego and reality check made it worth it and now I’m back and ready to finish this degree and just enjoy the time i have with the people around me. 

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Straight men are afraid of gay men, because straight men think that gay men want the same things from them as they want and expect from women.

If being looked at like a sexual object bothers you then welcome to 60% of the population whose had to deal with your shit, and fun-fact most gay men probably won’t want your ass anyway. just like all the women who don’t  

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No lie

Some days I play over scenarios in my head where things turned out differently. We didn’t try to live together and hashed out or problems like grown ups, I gave you time and you gave me what I needed and we were better for it and you were still mine for thrones on Sundaysq. Then I snap back to how we are now and it feels wrong but there’s nothing that I can do to change that. You were one of the only people I cared about and I honestly doubt we’ll ever talk again, but things change and if this is how it’s supposed to be, then this is how it’s supposed to be

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